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Choose the repayment term of a loan

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Housing Savings operations are regulated by the State. Upon subscription, the terms of the savings phase and the loan phase are determined contractually. The calculation of the loan entitlement for an ELP or CEL is done by combining the chosen repayment period and the interest earned . Explanations with our credit experts. An identical calculation […]

Credit Public Service Settlement (With Special Conditions)

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Loans for civil servants and civil servants are a term that crops up again and again in connection with loans. At the same time there is no ” credit ” for civil servants or civil servants. It is rather a name for loans, which are awarded for this professional group at lower interest rates. Civil […]

To accumulate two loans Housing Action when there are 2 borrowers

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It is not uncommon for a couple of borrowers who meet all the conditions to qualify for the employer loan to get help on their own. The right to the Action-Logement loan (called since 2010) is indeed attached to the employee and not to a real estate project. However, restrictions may be imposed by the […]

Justify a refusal of credit to the notary and recover the deposit

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  The payment of a deposit is subject to strict regulations. If you have signed a promise or a notarial sale agreement , the latter is entitled to ask you to pay a first sum (usually between 5 and 10% of the purchase price). On the other hand, if the pre-contract has been signed under […]