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Choose the repayment term of a loan

Housing Savings operations are regulated by the State. Upon subscription, the terms of the savings phase and the loan phase are determined contractually. The calculation of the loan entitlement for an ELP or CEL is done by combining the chosen repayment period and the interest earned . Explanations with our credit experts.

An identical calculation mode

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The calculation of the right to home loan savings is done in the same way on an account or on a plan. During the savings phase, the borrower accumulates interest based on savings. They determine a loan amount based on the chosen duration. The principle is simple: the shorter the duration chosen, the greater the amount of the home savings loan .

So you can choose to repay between 2 to 15 years but know that there will be some constraints. Indeed, this type of credit is usually shorter than the main loan, which sometimes has a heavy impact on monthly payments. To avoid this, it is possible to smooth out the principal loan and the housing savings loan.

Numerical examples

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Take a few examples of a 4-year savings period with an ELP opened on 1 July 2009. In all cases, the holder makes an initial payment of € 500.

In conclusion


It can be seen that savings of € 100 a month give relatively low results. On the other hand, the choice of a term of less than 10 years involves repaying deadlines that may ultimately be too important for the borrower.



Loan Public Service Settlement (With Special Conditions)

Loans for civil servants and civil servants are a term that crops up again and again in connection with loans. At the same time there is no ” credit ” for civil servants or civil servants. It is rather a name for loans, which are awarded for this professional group at lower interest rates. Civil servants and civil servants, like all other consumers, are quite likely to need or want a loan. Be it because the car no longer comes through the TÜV, either because it is simply the desire for a new kitchen. However, taking a loan of any kind would be the wrong, because more expensive solution. Civil servants and civil servants receive loans with significantly better terms .


Comparison – calculator

Comparison - calculator

Credit Calculator Public Service – Use is free and you can request a non-binding offer directly from the cheapest bank.



Why is a loan for civil servants and civil servants cheaper?



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  • Why is a loan for civil servants and civil servants cheaper?
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  • Soldiers, teachers

Banks check the creditworthiness of their borrowers and calculate lending rates based on their credit rating. In the credit check, the financial circumstances, the family situation, but also the professional position with a. Construction workers get a weaker scoring because the construction industry is considered difficult; losing a job in winter or getting bad weather money can affect the ability to properly repatriate the loan.


The situation is different with civil servants. Officials are non-terminable if they commit no offense. This job guarantee ensures that the borrower always has the appropriate income to pay his installments. Although civil servants are not non-terminable, they also have a safer job than workers in the private sector.

Public service employee groups include post office workers, soldiers and temporary soldiers, teachers, police officers, federal office workers, nurses, and many more.

What is a loan for civil servants and civil servants?

What is a loan for civil servants and civil servants?

As mentioned earlier, there is no specific loan for civil servants. These terms and conditions, which are more favorable to other borrowers, exist for all types of installment loans:

  • Classic installment loan for free use
  • car loan
  • credit without
  • instant credit
  • Conditional also on mortgage lending

Anyone who is civil servant or employed in the civil service should always, and in principle, select the official loan in the context of a credit comparison, regardless of the reason for which he needs it. This is the only way to ensure that he secures himself the lowest interest rates as a borrower.

A loan for civil servants can be earmarked as a car loan or as a loan for free use. The terms are as for loans for employees from the private sector up to 120 months, the volumes, depending on the provider, usually up to 80,000 euros.

Without Schufa


You can find a loan for the public service without Schufa in our overview of providers of loans without Schufa examination .

Soldiers, teachers

Soldiers, teachers

The ABK loan presented above is also intended specifically for soldiers and teachers.

  • Credit for teachers :
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